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Yoga 4 Rescues

Practice yoga and help animals in need

Coming soon!

Our Mission

Y4R is creating a unique yoga app with on demand classes from top yoga instructors in the US as well as yogis from some of the best Ashrams around the world! Much of our proceeds goes to helping abused and abandoned animals, and a shelter or rescue will be highlighted each month to help these furbabies find their forever homes.
Do Better. Feel Better. Be Better.


Yoga4Rescues provides the opportunity to offer yoga wellness to all no matter where you are, what your level is or whether you can do a full class or are looking to wind down or start your day with just a short time to spare.


In these trying times, we are able to better reflect on our own needs as well as the needs of others. This includes not only our fellow humans, but the other animals that share the Earth with us.

Each month we will highlight a shelter, a rescue or even individuals from all over that are working to save these poor animals.  You can visit their site, get to know the animals, donate or best of all, provide a furever home.  You can't buy love, but you can adopt it!

Come join us on our journey and take yoga classes from around the world, while knowing that the nominal fee you pay monthly is helping to save abused and abandoned animals.


Do Better.  Feel Better.  Be Better.


Contact Yoga4Rescues now and find out we can help you and you can help the animals. 

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Our Story

I've always liked animals, and as soon as I moved to a house, I immediately adopted two rescue cats.Last November, a friend of mine posted a moving, short video of Tate, a sweet stray dog that was on the kill list at Broward Animal Services in Florida.I spoke with her, rushed down to meet him and adopted him on the spot.He could not be released to me without being neutered, so I left him there, thinking I would pick him up in a day or two after the operation.

How It Works 

Yoga is incredibly beneficial for both mind and body and when offered in the workplace, can help relieve typical aches and pains, reduce stress, increase energy, productivity, concentration and overall company morale.

We are able to structure yoga classes to fit a number of different scenarios for you .


To honor the memory of ‘Tate’- You are not forgotten

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